Green Dot Corporation issues prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards. These prepaid debit cards are available at more than 60,000 retailers in the United States. Since these are Visa and MasterCard debit cards, anyone who has them can use them anywhere in the world. People who have bad credit can get these debit cards, enabling them to pay for any purchase as long as the establishment accepts Visa or MasterCard payments.

Below are the latest Green Dot fees.


Green Dot Card Fees

Get Card (Online)$0.00
Get Card (In-store)$4.99
Monthly Usage Fee$5.95
Reload Money (Direct Deposit)$0.00
Reload Money (In Store)$4.95
ATM (MoneyPass)$0.00
ATM (Non-MoneyPass)$2.50
Check Balance (Non-MoneyPass ATM)$0.50
Check Balance (, Mobile Phone, MoneyPass ATM)$0.00
Replace Card$4.95
Transaction Fee (US)$0.00
Transaction Fee (International)3%


There are lots of advantages of having a Green Dot prepaid debit card in your wallet. One is that there is absolutely no need for you to carry cash all the time. As long as your Green Dot card is loaded with cash, you can make purchases anytime and anywhere.

With a Green Dot prepaid debit card, you won’t have to worry about security as your money is safe. Unlike in carrying cash which can be stolen from you, the money in your Green Dot card account is safe. In case the card is stolen, you can call Green Dot and they’ll block the card so that no one can use it.

For most Green Dot prepaid debit card holders, it is easier to keep track of their expenses when they use the prepaid debit card. And because it is a prepaid debit card, Green Dot won’t put its card holders in debt. There is no risk of overspending on the part of the Green Dot card holder. ATM withdrawals and purchases are simply debited from the debit card balance.

Green Dot Card Fees

Green Dot charges a monthly service fee of $5.95 for the use of the prepaid debit cards. But you won’t be charged should you load at least $1,000 every month, or use your debit card for at least 30 times or transactions during the month.

There is no Green Dot ATM withdrawal charge anytime you withdraw from ATMs that are in-network. Some of the in-network ATMs are those by local banks like U.S. Bank and Zion’s First National. But if you withdraw cash from an ATM not in the network, a minimal fee of $2.5 will be deducted from your balance aside from applicable ATM fees.

Should you lose your card and ask for a replacement, you’ll have to pay $4.95. Expediting the card delivery would cost you $19.95.

Keeping Track of Your Cash

Just like most prepaid debit cards, Green Dot would allow you to keep track of your remaining balance very easily. You can sign up for a text messaging service that will give you updates on your remaining balance through text messages.

Adding Money

green dot feesThere are several ways to add money to your Green Dot account. You can do so by direct deposit, having your paycheck or government check directly deposited onto your Green Dot account. This is also cost-effective as there are no fees for this service.

You can also add money by paying directly at participating retailers although you will have to pay fees of up to $4.95. There are also reload limits for this service.

Another way of adding money is through MoneyPak and Cash Reload. You can also reload your prepaid debit card directly from your credit union or bank.

For more information on Green Dot Card or Green Dot fees, visit their official website.

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