RushCard is a prepaid Visa credit card. With this card, you can pay for any purchase or service you availed of from any establishment that accepts Visa cards.

There are seven designs of RushCard that you can choose from. These are Midnight RushCard, Carbon RushCard, Gloss RushCard, 24K RushCard, Suede KLS RushCard, Sequin RushCard, and Edge RushCard.

Below are the latest RushCard fees.


Get Started Fees (One-Time Card Fee)

Rush Unlimited Plan$3.95 - $9.95
Pay As You Go Plan$3.95 - $9.95

Monthly Usage Fees (With Direct Deposit)

Rush Unlimited Plan$7.95
Pay As You Go Plan$0.00

Add Money Fees

Direct Deposit$0.00
Cash (Third party fees may apply)$0.00

Spend Money Fees (Within the US)

Transaction Fee (Rush Unlimited Plan)$0.00
Transaction Fee (Pay As You Go Plan)$1.00
Bill Pay Service Fee
Card to Card Transfer Fee (To/From your own RushCards)
Card to Card Transfer Fee (To/From any other RushCard Member)

Get Cash Fees

ATM Withdrawal Fee - In Network$0.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee - Out of Network$2.50
Store Cash Back with PIN Purchase (Rush Unlimited Plan)
Store Cash Back with PIN Purchase (Pay As You Go Plans)

Information Fees

Call with Live Customer Service agent
Toll Free Telephone Balance Inquiries
ATM Balance Inquiry - In Network$0.00
ATM Balance Inquiry - Out of Network$0.50

Other Fees

Replacement Card Fee (For First Card In 12 Month Period)$0.00
Replacement Card Fee (Each Card Thereafter) $4.95
Expedited Card Fee (For Replacement Card)$30.00
Expedited Cash Fee$30.00
Maintenance Fee (Rush Unlimited Plan)$0.00
Maintenance Fee (Pay As You Go Plan) (After 90 Days of Non-Usage)$1.95
Paper Statement Fee
ATM Decline Fee - In Network$0.00
ATM Decline Fee - Out Of Network$0.00

Spend Money Fees (Outside the US)

International Transaction Fee (Rush Unlimited Plan)
International Transaction Fee (Pay As You Go Plan)
International ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$1.00
International ATM Withdrawal Fee$2.50
Currency Conversion Fee


There are many advantages of getting a RushCard.

First is that you can get one even if your credit history is poor. Many Americans are unable to secure a credit card because of their bad credit. But with a RushCard, good credit is not a requirement in getting this credit card. You only need to have a valid I.D. and pay for the one-time card fee.

Another advantage of having a RushCard in your wallet is that you can pay for any service or product as long as the establishment accepts Visa payments. Thus you won’t have to carry cash all the time. A RushCard is particularly useful if you are fond of making online purchases, as you can use it to pay for anything you buy online.

You need not worry about your card getting stolen. Your money is safe and secure with RushCard. And you can withdraw cash at any ATM using your RushCard.

You can also keep track of your money when you have a RushCard account.

How to Apply

As mentioned, you only need to have a valid I.D. to be able to apply for a RushCard. You will also need to pay minimal fees of $3.95 and $9.95, depending on the RushCard design. But the fees would be deducted from your card balance the first time that you load money to your RushCard.

You can apply online by visiting or calling 866-787-4227 anytime of the day.

Upon receipt of your RushCard, call the phone number indicated on the sticker and key-in your PIN. You can then start loading funds to your RushCard.

Rush Card Fees

What makes the RushCard a more intriguing option for many people is that there are very minimal fees that they’ll have to pay every time they use the prepaid debit and credit card.

For instance, there is no fee every time they withdraw cash using their RushCard as long as they do so in an ATM that is part of the RushCard network. There are more than 23,000 ATMs which you can use to withdraw cash without fees.

There are also no fees for direct deposit, money transfer, bills payment, and for making purchases when the purchase is made in the United States. RushCard also does not charge for a replacement card as long as the card was lost within 12 months after the account was opened.


rushcard feesLoading cash to a RushCard account is easy as this can be done through checks or loading cash through accredited retailers. Another way of loading your RushCard account is by transferring funds from your checking or savings account. Or you can transfer money from one RushCard account to another.

For more information on RushCard and RushCard fees, visit their official website.

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