SunTrust Bank is an American banking company founded in 1985. As of 2014, it has an asset size of $ 175,463,961,000 making it the 13th-largest bank in the United States in terms of assets. It has more than 1,400 branches in the United States, including 2,200-plus ATMs. Its branches are mainly found in the southern states like Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and Florida.

SunTrust Bank traces its roots to the Trust Company of Georgia which was established in 1891. The said company was merged with SunBanks, a banking firm based in Orlando, Florida in 1985. The merged company was initially named Trust Company Bank in the state of Georgia and Sun Bank in Florida until in 1995, when all the banks under the merged firm were simply named SunTrust.

Like most banks, SunTrust Bank offers online and mobile banking services, personal checking, personal credit cards, and loans like home mortgage, personal loans, motorhome and RV, physician loans, and education loans.

Below are the latest SunTrust fees.


Deposit Services

Overdraft fee$36.00 per item
Returned Item fee$20.00 per item
Extended Overdraft Fee$36.00
Stop Payment Fee$36.00 each
Screen Print Statement Fee$5.00 per month
Deposited Item Returned Penalty (Domestic Item)$12.50 per item
Deposited Item Returned Penalty (International Item)$40.00 per item
Overdraft Assurance Line of Credit Product Fee$7.00 per month
Overdraft Protection Transfer$12.50 per transfer
Closed Account Processing (Account closed within first 6 months)$25.00
Closed Account Processing (Account closed in overdraft)$30.00
Dormant Account (FL accounts only)$15.00 per month
Special Mail Handling (FL accounts only)
Hold Mail (branch pickup)$25.00 per month
Special Mail Handling (FL accounts only)
Returned Mail
$5.00 per month
Special Mail Handling (FL accounts only)
International Mail
$5.00 per month

Research Services

Item/Statement Photocopy$5.00 per copy
Bond Coupon$10.00 per envelope
Returned Bond Coupon $35.00 per envelope

Online Banking

Online banking services of SunTrust provide its clients with an easier way of managing their finances and paying their bills. With the Online Banking with Bill Pay service of SunTrust, you can keep track of your money and settle all your bills with just a few clicks.

The said service also enables account holders to transfer money, pay anyone without a check, receive alerts on bills payment schedules, and get rid of paper statements with electronic bills. With this service, you can even see your transaction history as far back as 16 months ago.

And more importantly, you can do all these things anytime and anywhere as long as you have an Internet-capable mobile phone or device.

Check the table above for the latest SunTrust fees.

Home Mortgage

SunTrust also has its mortgage arm, SunTrust Mortgage, which extends home loans for first-time and longtime homeowners. To make it more convenient for interested clients to apply for a home loan, the SunTrust website allows online applications.

Simply click on the Apply Online button on the SunTrust Mortgage homepage, and the browser would redirect to an online application form. You can also retrieve an application in progress.

SunTrust also offers home mortgage refinancing. With this facility you can lower your monthly payments, switch to a stable and fixed-rate loan from an adjustable rate loan, and even get portion of your home equity to fund major expenses like your children’s education or home improvements.

Auto Loans

SunTrust likewise offers auto loans through its online lending division, LightStream. You can apply for a loan online in a few minutes, and get a reply from the company several minutes later. If your loan is approved, you can electronically sign the loan agreement. And the money would be deposited in your bank account on the same day.

The auto loans of SunTrust both cover new and used vehicles.

Personal Loans

suntrust feesYou may also apply for a personal loan from SunTrust. There are three credit line options—Personal Credit Line, Personal Credit Line Plus, and Select Credit. Personal credit line and personal credit line plus both have no collateral requirements while select credit requires collateral. The latter has the highest credit limit of $750,000.

For more information on SunTrust and SunTrust fees, visit their official website.

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